Our Brands

Tuff Labels

Unrelenting Durability™

We started TUFFLabels to provide our customers with durable, long-lasting laminated labels, designed and engineered to withstand extreme indoor and outdoor conditions. TUFFLabels covers the broad range of demanding label uses our customers require. With personalized customer service, we raise our capabilities to meet your durable labeling needs; supplying you with labels that can endure the environment you subject them to. Use TUFFLabels when you need Unrelenting Durability

Dome Labels

Awesome Dimension™

Do you want your brand to really stand out? Our polyurethane domed labels bring your logo to life by adding class and personality to your product. At DomeLabels, your label begins as a durable flat label; we then add a crystal-clear polyurethane coating, creating a glossy dome bubble, which adds a unique 3D look to the label. Extremely durable and cost-effective, the process requires no setup charges and no mold or die fees. Dome labels are very affordable in extremely low quantities or prototypes, as well as high-volume production runs. With a focus on quality and efficiency, and the ability to produce one label or millions of labels, our dedicated and experienced DomeLabels team is devoted to providing you labels with Awesome Dimension

Black Tie Press

Formal Business Printing™

Black Tie Press is a full service printing company with a focus on formal business printing, and the capability to provide all your digital and offset printing needs. With over 20 years of experience in the printing industry, we listen to the people who use printed products every day to improve what we do. By combining our knowledge with your requirements, we take your idea on to final production. From logo design to business cards, we take pride in providing the high quality, low cost printing our customers expect and depend upon. We offer only the finest in Formal Business Printing

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