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RegularLabels are affordable labels printed on BOPP* or label stock often used for consumable products. RegularLabels are high-quality printed labels that showcase your product brand. They are ideal for constant or extreme short-term product use.

*What is BOPP?

Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) is a fancy name for a type of plastic-based label stock that is stretched from two directions during manufacturing. This gives the label's additional strength, flexibility and clarity. We use this amazing material because it makes the best product labels!

Sample BOPP Label

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Extraordinary labels for extraordinary products

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Affordable Labels
Inexpensive options for short and long-runs.
DomeLabels are Durable
Stand up to everyday use.
DomeLabels have Strong Adhesion
Strong adhesion
Sticks to all surfaces appropriate for labels.
DomeLabels are Customizable
Can be made in any shape, size, or color.
Sample Regular Labels in Rolls
RegularLabels on rolls of BOPP label stock.
Sample Regular Labels on water bottles.
RegularLabels are ideal for food labeling.
Sample Regular Labels on essential oils bottles
RegularLabels are perfect for product branding and labeling.
Sample Regular Labels on Bottle
RegularLabels work well as beauty and healthcare product labels.
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BOPP and PAPER LaBEL Features

Regular Labels in Rolls of BOPP

RegularLabels BOPP Substrate Specifications

  • For products exposed to water, oil, moisture, or refrigeration
  • Permanent adhesive sticks to almost any surface
  • Tear-proof, waterproof and resistant to oil
  • Temperature range after application: -65°F to 200°F
  • Minimum application temperature: 50°F (recommend 70°F)
  • Face stock thickness: 2.0 mil
Regular Labels in rolls

White BOPP Substrate

  • Our pearly white polypropylene (BOPP) labels are the “go-to” standard
  • Your information is printed clearly on the label and be easy to read
  • A truly dependable label
Regular Labels printed on clear BOPP

Clear BOPP Substrate

  • Allows your product to be visible through the label
  • Gives a very custom look to labels
  • Your logo can appear transparent or be printed with white ink behind it to make your brand really stand out
Regular Labels printed on metallic BOPP

Metallic Chrome Silver BOPP Substrate

  • Gives your labels an extra classy look
  • Allows for designs that can't be achieved by ink printing
  • Great adhesion properties
Regular Labels printed on premium white BOPP

White Premium Sticker Paper

  • Pearly white matte, pressure-sensitive adhesive paper
  • Lamination adds oil and water resistance to the label face
  • Permanent adhesive sticks to almost any surface
  • Recommended for general indoor label application
  • Face stock thickness: 55 lb
Regular Labels printed on standard white sticker paper.

Standard White Sticker Paper

  • Perfect for simple and effective labeling
  • Cost efficient
  • Professional appearance
  • Can be used to create a custom tear-away protective seal for your product
Regular Labels

Why RegularLabels?

RegularLabels is a more economical line of quality labels, including BOPP and paper.
You can get the labels you need for your consumable products and know the labels are manufactured for high use performance, such as a label on a squeezable bottle.
RegularLabels stand up to the constant and extreme short term use you subject them to.
  • In-house manufacturing with the latest digital technologies
  • Short or long run capability
  • Standard or quick turn-around
  • Over 25 years of experience
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Regular Labels can be printed for rush projects.
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Pressed for time?

24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, and 4-day services are available.
Give us a call to talk about your needs for quick turnaround.
Here's how we can ship your DomeLabels in as little as 24 hours!
  1. Request a quote by clicking •HERE• or giving us a call at (855) 855-8833.
  2. Submit your print-ready artwork and we email you a digital proof.
  3. Carefully review the proof we send you and email us your approval to print.
  4. We manufacture your DomeLabels and expedite shipping to you.
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WE speCIalize in printing

The art of changing information on labels.

From your data, we can print variable text, images, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes on:
Asset Tags  •  Security Labels  •  Product Identification Labels
Variable Data can be printed on Regular Labels

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DomeLabels label on an air conditioning unit
DomeLabels Sample
DomeLabels Sample
DomeLabels Sample


"I tried to call on Friday to personally thank you for this – the labels look fantastic. Solid, solid product. They look just like the design. Thank you, thank you, thank you! All the best."


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