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We are located in beautiful, scenic Southern Utah, where rush hour is only seen in our production plant.

DomeLabels, located among the scenic Red Cliffs of southern Utah, is one of the largest manufacturers of digitally printed indoor and outdoor durable labels. We focus on those hard-to-stick applications and labels that can withstand harsh environments.Our Team is trained on adhesives, substrates, and laminates, as well as advanced printing techniques, color processing, and artwork design. Our skilled work force uses state of the art equipment to produce high quality products. We are on the leading-edge of durable label technology and service, and we are here to help you find the perfect solution to any labeling challenge.We do all printing and doming in-house, which means better pricing, quality control, and faster turnaround times. These are not just your ordinary “flat” labels, they give your product an outstanding 3-Dimensional look that makes your product shine.

In 1994, Benchmark Technologies started as a computer sales and service shop. As time went on we developed a computer line and wanted to brand our custom made computers with a professional decal.  We found the only decal options available had high minimum charges and long lead times.In early 1999 we bought a digital printer with digital cutting capabilities and started printing labels in the garage. We hand mixed the epoxy material in a plastic cup, carefully weighed it to get the exact portions, then we used plastic squeeze bottles to dispense the epoxy on the labels. During that same year, we launched our website and started marketing labels to other customers as a side venture. In 2003, seeing the serious business opportunity, we added more advanced printing equipment as well as our own specialized doming equipment to produce domed labels using polyurethane that does not yellow like epoxy. Little did we know that we were starting a business that would soon grow to be one of the most reliable label printing businesses, supplying labels for companies across the world.As the years progressed we outgrew our original location and started looking at the option of building our own facility. Construction for our new building started in June of 2014 and was completed in March of 2015. Today we are in a 28,000 square foot facility housing over 5 digital printing options, a variety of finishing equipment, 3 doming lines, and a dedicated staff.We are committed to meeting our customers’ expectations and have enlarged our label options, by adding our TuffLabels brand. We focus on large and short runs with affordable, high quality labels. Every customer is important, and our DomeLabels team is ready to help you with your “TUFF-est” label challenge.